Where Are You From?

If you grew up overseas or as somebody who moved a lot, you probably hate this question. But where we are from is essential to who we are. It is a reference point, not only for others, but for ourselves. Everybody has an origin story and I believe that each story matters.

Third Culture Journey was created to:


Somebody who grew up in the third culture will have a different frame of reference. Our whole worldview is structured on what we have seen and experienced growing up in a country other than the one we were born in. That's not to discredit somebody who has lived in one town their whole life, it's just to say that international migrants should own their origins.

Third Culture Journey is the catalyst of a big movement to let any and every third culture individual in the world know that they are not alone.


We are not alone.

I entered into some of the darkest moments of my life because I thought nobody cared. That's an ugly lie. There are a lot of people struggling with loneliness and depression. A lot of people have a hard time adjusting and making new friends.

But it's not just about identifying where you are from. That's only part of the equation. You also need to be aware of where you are, as well as deliberate about where you want to go. People travel in different ways, some wander, some go straight from Point A to Point B, but the basic equation for contentment looks like this:

Experiences from the Past + Fulfillment in the Present = No Regrets in the Future

This podcast is meant to help you conquer old fears and memories, achieve greatness, and ride into the sunset like the hero that you are.

To use a phrase a wanderer loves so dearly: prepare for takeoff.



A little about me...

First off, my name is Kasen.

I lived in Kiev, Ukraine for thirteen years of my life. I moved to Wausau, WI, when I was sixteen. I wanted to move south when I graduated, thus, I ended up at Charleston Southern University. I graduated from CSU May of 2018.

But you're probably wondering how I got TCJ going, right? Well, in 2016 I started noticing an alarming number of missionaries struggling with returning to their "home" countries. 


Most of these problems resulted in depression, lack of faith, loneliness, anger, or bitterness. Having dealt with my own number of personal issues I decided I was going to create a resource for anybody who might also be facing similar obstacles.

After a year of research and personal development, testing the waters with beta websites, and figuring out how to create an online presence, I finally launched Third Culture Journey (TCJ). It is a podcast focused on transitioning, adaptation, and cross-cultural issues.

The podcast is setup in a Q&A format, and essentially draws answers from the stories of third culture individuals. However, this resource is meant for anyone going through a hard time or lonely phase. 

My vision for TCJ is to grow it into a community where people can share their thoughts and feel encouraged by others. 

When I am not undertaking personal projects such as TCJ or studying for college, I enjoy activities like running, boxing, and soccer. I write and read quite a bit. If you are ever in Charleston, you will most likely find me in one of the local coffee shops. Pop on over to the Contact page if you would like to say hello.