How I Trained For My Spartan Race

After I placed 11th in the Atlanta Spartan Open a few years ago, I had lots of friends ask my how I trained for the race. It was pretty simple stuff: exercise, eat right, and be consistent. But I’m one of those believers in the journey being more important than the destination, so I dove into my lifestyle prior to the race.

In this episode I discuss some training tactics but keep the information pretty general. Every situation is case-specific. The key point, though, is to get out and at least try. Be the “Man in the Arena.”

Best, Kasen

Episode #13: A Mini-Sode - Tools, Books, and Podcasts

This is a brief (and I mean BRIEF) episode about different tools, books, and podcasts that I personally use and find worthwhile to share. To phrase it differently: this is stuff I think is absolutely awesome and you should checkout.

What I Recommend:

  • Momentum - Chrome extension
  • Adblocker - Chrome extension

  • Man’s Search For Meaning by Viktor E. Frankl

  • Tribe of Mentors by Tim Ferriss

  • Brute Strength podcast

  • Big Questions podcast

If you would like me to start leaving links to the stuff I talk about, please let me know in the comments or shoot me an email.

Episode #12: Broadening Your Worldview

"It's not worth it to do anything you don't love."

Changing your frame of reference is essential for developing a well-rounded worldview. Renee Ewald shares her story with us and how life overseas helped her to know this simple truth: there is more out there. She had a unique experience growing up because her parents strategically moved their family overseas specifically to broaden their kids' worldview.

Some highlights from this talk:

  • What it was like moving back to her home country, Canada. The transition brought up certain challenges and highlighted how much Renee had changed since she initially left home.
  • Becoming vulnerable with friends and developing meaningful relationships.
  • The true nature of adventure and deciding to leave comfort zones.
  • Moving from the wild, beautiful British Columbia land to the cornfields of Iowa. 
  • Donuts connect us.
  • "It's not worth it to do anything you don't love."
  • "Everybody loves somebody who is passionate about what they are passionate about." Don't try and blend in. Be yourself. 

This is a wide-ranging and fun conversation with Renee. I hope you listen in and really enjoy it.

Episode #11 Life is an Obstacle Course Race

Ever feel like circumstances are set against you?

While the Universe probably isn't out to get you, sometimes it can feel like life has an overwhelming amount of obstacles. 

As an OCR (Obstacle Course Racer) competitor, your host, Kasen Wysong, opens up about overcoming obstacles like anger, fear, self-pity, apathy, and loneliness. He talks about being an your own person yet learning to accept support and love.

Listen in on this episode to glean insight on what it's like to make a comeback even after setbacks. The race isn't over till you stop running, so keep your legs moving and get over those obstacles.


Episode #10: Owning Who You Are

Ben Hobbes is our featured guest this week. We discuss the following topics:

  • Connecting with others.
  • Stepping out of comfort zones.
  • Owning the past and present.
  • Not holding back on who you are.
  • Finding solid support groups.

Among other things, Ben is one of the co-founders of the Third Culture Kids Facebook page, which has over 15,000 followers. He works as a video producer currently and is still very involved with the TCK community in Oklahoma City.

*Note to the audience: there are minor issues with audio lag in the podcast episode. The questions and answers are still discernible. 

Episode #9: We Are Back

The podcast is starting up again!

After a long leave of absence to work on a Third Culture Journey book, your host (me) is returning to revamp the podcast. There will be a new format to episodes. We will still have interviews, but these will be every other episode. The "in-between" episodes will be myself, and maybe a close friend, delving into topics relevant to the podcast including transitioning, adapting, making friends, improving style, and staying fit.

The purpose of the podcast remains unchanged. We will try and get the word out: you are not alone! The focus of each episode will be the stories that connect us as well as different strategies and techniques for living at your fullest potential. Episodes will be more topical than in the past. If you would like to be featured on the podcast, please reach out to me (Kasen) through the website or Facebook page.

Again, I'm so pumped to get started, thank you for taking the time to listen to this episode.

Episodes #7: Stepping Out in Faith

Sami West is featured for this week's TCJ podcast episode. She recently took a short-term mission trip to Southeast Asia in order to serve the people there and represent Christ. We delve into the different circumstances leading up to her trip, as well as the insights and takeaways she had from her experience. Sami has a heart for ministry and is already very active in the college she currently attends. Her big heart for people and willingness to serve is exemplary of Christ's Great Commission.

Episode #6: The Road Less Traveled

Lilla Tramm has spent her years since graduating college in a somewhat unconventional route. She has worked overseas, dedicating her life to mission work and evangelism. She currently lives in Norway, continuing her work with Youth With A Mission (YWAM). Listen to her story and glean insights to living overseas, going with the flow of life, and trusting God for direction.

Episode #5: Leaving Home

Episode #5: Leaving Home

What's it like to leave a place you call "home" and move to a completely different culture and environment? Stephanie Sherman helps expound on this topic by drawing from her own life experiences. She tells us about her transition story and what struggles and obstacles she faced. Stephanie chose not to let those difficulties beat her and, instead, she focused on overcoming her fears.

Episode #3: Stay Close To Your Family

Mallory Stemple grew up in Kiev, Ukraine. She talks about her experiences there and the difficulty of moving to the States. Furthermore, she expounds on the joy of making new friends and living in a new place. She is studying to be a nurse and believes that by aiding through physical adversity, she can also have an impact on their spiritual and mental health. Check out her story below.

Episode #2: From Senegal to Alaska

Jeremy Jenkins was raised in Senegal and now attends college in Alaska. He has lots of insight on transitioning, whether it's within one country or to a completely new one. Jeremy shares about his experiences moving from a village in Senegal to Dakar (the capital), and then to the States, specifically, Alaska. Other than kickboxing and gymnastics, Jeremy enjoys hiking and spending time in the Word. Check out his story below!