Episode #4: Tools and Resources To Help You Conquer College

This week's podcast is about the different gadgets, websites, apps, and podcasts that I have found very beneficial in my time as a college student. Everything I recommend I have used or still currently use, and has helped me maintain high grades while enjoying life. I am currently a junior at CSU and consider college a battlefield; learn how to win the fight.

Please check out the links to each of the resources (posted below) and I hope that you find these "life-hacks" as helpful as I have. If you like the podcast, please take a moment and rate it on iTunes, that is very helpful for boosting TCK Journey's popularity. And, as always, thank you for listening.

Show Notes

    •    Flexbinder
    •    Bubba Thermos - Quick note on this: the Amazon price is actually twice as much as what you can get this thermos for in Wal Mart. I would recommend just going to the store and buying it for around $10.
    •    KeepCup
    •    Moleskine Notebook - I spelled (and probably pronounced) this wrong on the podcast. Please don't let that deter you from investing in one of these notebooks, I absolutely loved the ones that I own.
    •    Watch - the link will take you to CUCOL'S bamboo watch, which is what I use. The one problem I've found is the metal pin that slides through the leather and bamboo tends to come out, but I always just push it right back in and I don't think it's a huge issue.
    •    Swissgear Backpack
    •    College Info Geek
    •    E.gg Timer
    •    Chegg
    •    Nerd Fitness
    •    Level Up Your Life
    •    Drudge Report
    •    Quizzitive
    •    Duolingo
    •    Mint
    •    Productive
    •    Chess.com
    •    College Info Geek
    •    Art of Manliness
    •    Dan Carlin's Hardcore History
    •    TED Radio Hour
    •    Tim Keller

Go conquer college!