Episode #12: Broadening Your Worldview

"It's not worth it to do anything you don't love."

Changing your frame of reference is essential for developing a well-rounded worldview. Renee Ewald shares her story with us and how life overseas helped her to know this simple truth: there is more out there. She had a unique experience growing up because her parents strategically moved their family overseas specifically to broaden their kids' worldview.

Some highlights from this talk:

  • What it was like moving back to her home country, Canada. The transition brought up certain challenges and highlighted how much Renee had changed since she initially left home.
  • Becoming vulnerable with friends and developing meaningful relationships.
  • The true nature of adventure and deciding to leave comfort zones.
  • Moving from the wild, beautiful British Columbia land to the cornfields of Iowa. 
  • Donuts connect us.
  • "It's not worth it to do anything you don't love."
  • "Everybody loves somebody who is passionate about what they are passionate about." Don't try and blend in. Be yourself. 

This is a wide-ranging and fun conversation with Renee. I hope you listen in and really enjoy it.